Frequently Asked Questions


What is Numbertank?

Numbertank is a social messaging app.

On what platforms is Numbertank available?

Numbertank is currently only available on Android. You can download it from here.


What are channels?

Channels are a way to share and consume content. Create channels and post interesting content to gain followers and follow channels that interest you.

How do they work?

If you are the owner of a channel, every piece of content that you post will be sent to your followers as a push notification based on the preferences they have specified. And if you follow a channel, you will receive push notifications according to your notification preferences whenever the owner of that channel posts something.

What push notification preferences can I specify when I follow a channel?

You can choose ‘Alert’ for push notifications without sound, ‘Sound’ for push notifications with sound or you can switch off both, in which case, you will be able to see the content only when you open the app.

How many channels can I create?

You can create as many channels as you want.

How many channels can I follow?

Again, you can follow as many channels as you want.


How many albums can I upload at a time?


When can I upload another album?

Your album will auto-delete after 24 hours and then you can upload another album. Alternatively you can also delete your album and upload a new one.

What does auto-delete after 24 hours mean?

Auto-delete after 24 hours means that the album will be deleted from your device, your friends' devices and even our servers automatically after 24 hours. There will be no trace of that album whatsoever.

How many images can I upload in the album?

Minimum 4 and Maximum 10.

Who can see my albums?

Only people on your contact list who also have you on their contact list will be able to see your albums.

Status Updates

Who can see my status updates?

Only users on your contact list who also have you on their contact list will be able to see your status updates.