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How can I start chatting with my friends on Numbertank?

Just log into the app and you will be directed to the chats section. On the top right corner of the screen, you will find a ‘+’ (plus) sign. Clicking on which will open up the list of your Numbertank friends. Click on the name of your contact with whom you want to chat with and enjoy your conversation.

What advantage does secret chat possess for users?

The secret chat option allows users to chat in a private space, that means your conversation will be hidden in the ‘Secret’ section. It won’t appear anywhere else in the app. Also, once in the secret mode, the notifications for your conversation would not show the preview of messages being received on your phone’s screen.

How to use ‘secret’ option in chat?

Long press your conversation bar in the app and it will open a pop-up menu with six different actions. Click on ‘Hide’. And you will witness your conversation disappear from the Chat space of Numbertank. There is a drop-down menu available on the top-center area of the screen. Click on it to see seven different options including ‘Secret’. Just tap on the ‘Secret’ option to find your conversation right there kept safe and guarded by Numbertank.

How to unhide my conversation in Numbertank?

Long press on your secret conversation to open up a pop-up menu with six different actions. Select ‘Unhide’ to witness your conversation get back on the Chat space of Numbertank app.

What is the allowed file size for sharing media through chat on Numbertank?

No limits. Numbertank supports all sizes for sharing media files through chat. The speed of sending the files majorly depends on your internet connection.

How can I start a group chat?

Just log into the app and you will be directed to the chats section. On the top right corner of the screen, you will find a ‘+’ (plus) sign. Clicking on which will take you to the next screen consisting of a section called ‘New Group’. Tapping on which will navigate you to the ‘New Group’ screen, wherein you can enter a name for your group and set up a display picture as well. There will be a tab present just below the ‘Group Name’ for adding friends. Click on it to add your friends whom you desire to add to the respective group and start chatting with all of them at once.

Is there a limit on adding a particular number of contacts in a group?

There are no limits put on the number of contacts that can be added to a group chat in Numbertank.

What does ‘My Schedules’ show?

The section ‘My Schedules’ show the number of messages along with their previews that are scheduled to be sent later at the specified time.

How can I schedule my messages?

Open any conversation for which the messages are to be scheduled. On the extreme left of your typing area will be an alarm icon. Just tap on the alarm icon to view a pop-up on the screen, wherein you can set the date and time for your message. Once done, click on ‘Schedule your message’ and type your message that you want Numbertank to schedule. After typing your message, click on the send icon on the extreme right corner of your typing area. The message will then be kept on hold in the conversation area till the exact date and time set by you. As soon as the moment arrives, Numbertank will post your scheduled message in the respective conversation right on time!

What can I do using Announcement?

Announcement feature in Numbertank allows you to transmit your message across a wider audience. That is, you can select multiple chats & groups at once to send your message to all of them in the same moment.