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What exactly is a Channel?

A channel is a space owned by you on Numbertank, wherein you can post educational or informational content for your followers to read. You can even follow other channels owned by any Numbertank user that seems to be of your interest. The information forwarded via channels can belong to different subjects like languages, health, food, entertainment, philosophy, wordplay, travel and so on.

Is Channel safe to use?

Yes, absolutely. The channels in Numbertank do not disclose the name of the owner unless he/she has configured the setting in the app to show his/her true identity or mobile number of the user for that matter. All you will be able to view is the names of the followers. Also, the ‘About’ section that explains that channel’s mission; the ‘Statistics’ section showing the number of views of the posts; the ‘Invite Friends’ option to let you make your friends follow the respective channel.

How can I promote any Channel across multiple audiences?

On the top-right screen of every channel is a highlighted option of ‘Promote’. Clicking on which will open a pop-up of various sharing options including social media, mail, Bluetooth etc. Select the one that you find most suitable for promoting the channel across numerous mediums.

What is a ‘review’ with reference to Channel in Numbertank?

A review is a response sent by any Numbertank user for any post in a Channel.

Can I always respond to the posts in a Channel?

If the owner has configured the channel settings to allow post reviews, only then can you respond with your reviews, otherwise not. It is so to protect the channel owner from spam comments or responses as the number of followers has no defined limits. In such a case, it can become a serious case of trolls or abuse. Numbertank is committed to protecting its users from such spammers and hence responding to the posts on Channels without the owner’s consent is not supported.

What is a ‘contribution’ with reference to Channel in Numbertank?

A contribution is an independent post submitted by any Numbertank user to a Channel. If the contribution is made by a user who is neither the owner nor an admin of that particular Channel; that contribution is initially received by the owner/admins of the channel to get approved. Once confirmed with an approval from any one of the admins, the contribution made by the Numbertank user gets posted in the Channel. And if the post is disapproved, the post will not show up in the channel.

How to follow/unfollow a Channel in Numbertank?

When you enter Numbertank for the first time, the app suggests you various Channels to follow. You can select the ones of your interest and follow. Apart from that, you can open the ‘Discover’ section and browse through a number of channels and follow the ones you like!

To Unfollow any Channel, Open the respective channel → Click on the name of the channel on the top → Go to Settings → Tap on ‘Unfollow Channel’ or you can just tap ‘Unfollow’ at the top-right corner of the channel info screen.