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Account & Settings

How can I get my account registered in Numbertank?

Just install the app from the respective online store corresponding to your device and sign up via Email, Google or Facebook, whichever seems comfortable to you. Completing this simple sign up process will get your account registered in Numbertank. And you can go on to explore and enjoy all the features of the app.

How to manage my profile details on Numbertank?

Go to the menu bar in the app and click on your name displayed at the top. The next screen that opens up will show you all your current details saved in Numbertank along with the edit option to modify the particulars as per necessity. Therein, you can manage your Name, Mobile Number, Email, Birth date, Gender and reset your Password for your Numbertank profile.

What happens when I change my mobile phone device?

Nothing changes. Just download Numbertank in your new device and sign in through your registered credentials.

How can I continue to use Numbertank, if my mobile number changes?

If your mobile number has changed, you can update the same by navigating to your profile details. Just tap the phone number section and type in your new number. You will receive a 4 digit OTP on your new number, complete the verification by entering the OTP and that’s it. You will then be able to use Numbertank with your new number.

How can I manage my storage space in Numbertank?

Click on the menu bar in the app and it will show an option of ‘Storage & Usage’ in the next screen. Tap on the same to manage all data stored via individual Channels, Groups, Chats in addition to the miscellaneous media files.

What additional setting options are provided for Chats, Groups and Channels?

In the ‘Settings’ screen for Chats, Groups, and Channels; you can decide exactly how would you like your push notifications to behave. Make both vibration and sound or just display the notification on the status bar of your phone or none of these. Further, you can even set whether you want Numbertank to show the preview of the messages or information being received through the notifications or stay hidden.

What does ‘Auto Download’ represent?

The ‘Auto Download’ section represents multiple default downloading options of media files such as images, audios or documents being received. You can render your choice to ‘Wi-Fi and Cellular’ or ‘Wi-Fi’ or ‘Never’ per your convenience. Your choice will inform Numbertank when to autonomously download the media files.

How can I change the settings for ‘Auto Download’?

Tap on the menu bar in the app, the next screen will display a section named ‘Auto Download’, clicking on which will open up the settings for the same.

How can I change the settings for in-app ‘Sounds & Vibrations’?

Click on the menu bar in the app, the next screen will display a section ‘Sounds & Vibration’. Tap on the same to select whether you want in-app sounds or vibrations or not.