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What is Numbertank?

Numbertank is a social messenger that offers free chat experience along with additional features like group chat, secret chat, scheduling of messages, conducting polls, creating events and channels.

Who is Numbertank for?

Numbertank is made for every user that owns a smartphone and enjoys having a smooth conversation with friends, colleagues and family.

How is Numbertank different from other social messengers?

Numbertank app offers faster delivery of messages and media files. The quality of the photos and videos does not get hampered. Additionally, Numbertank comes with an exclusive highlight of scheduling messages, where users can schedule their texts to be sent later. Apart from the aforementioned feature comes Polls and Channels, that allows users to start conversations running polls and create a personalized space to share knowledge respectively. Also, Numbertank gives full control to users to choose who can respond to them via chat or channels to avoid unwanted trolls and abuse.

Is Numbertank free to use?

Yes, absolutely. You can download it for free fromPlay Store andApp Store. Just install and run the application.

Does Numbertank require internet connection to work?

Yes, it does in order to keep your phonebook synced as well as provide you with numerous updates. These updates can be messages from your contacts in Chats, information in Channels, personal updates of your contacts in Status or an overview of various updates in the ‘Discover’ section. Numbertank also requires the internet to stay updated to its latest version released.

Does Numbertank offer free calling?

Not yet. As of now, Numbertank is fully focused towards enhancing the chat experience for users.

What permissions are required by Numbertank for smooth running?

  • Storage access to assist you send and receive media files.
  • Synchronization of phonebook to let your contacts stay updated in the app.
  • Your device location to let the app provide you with accurate recommendations around you.
  • Battery optimization to help you save maximum power.
  • Camera access to take pictures and videos.
  • Microphone access to record audio.

What information can be viewed in ‘Storage & Usage’?

The ‘Storage & Usage’ section displays the space acquired by all types of media files through channels, groups, chats and application data.

What does ‘Discover’ section represent?

The ‘Discover’ section opens up broad information about what’s trending in the world with reference to the interests you have chosen to see the news about. Also, here you can view all the updates regarding polls, events, channels, local businesses and the top recommendations from Numbertank chosen for you.

Which devices does Numbertank support?

Numbertank supports the Android devices consisting KitKat OS version 4.4 and above or Apple devices with iOS 9.0 and above.

How can I invite my friends to use Numbertank?

You can just go to the Numbertank page on the Play Store or App Store and share the app via their sharing options available. Else, open the menu bar of Numbertank and tap on ‘Tell your friends’ to get various further options of sharing the app.

What kind of feeds are shown in the Status section?

The ‘Status’ section shows updates regarding latest texts, tagged location, shared images & videos along with the display picture by your contacts’ profiles and yourself, arranged in the latest order.

What does the ‘Talk’ section represent?

The ‘Talk’ section is the entertainment space for Numbertank users. Therein you can post and find the most popular images, videos, memes, GIFs and so on. Users can even share text updates in this section. Basically, ‘Talk’ lets the Numbertank users share or receive something worth a laugh or a look or an all ears content in general. The most interesting part is that everything shared in this section is hashtag friendly to help users find their favorite content via popular #hashtags.

Who all can post in the ‘Talk’ section?

The ‘Talk’ section is a universal space open to each and every user of Numbertank. Any user can post anything worth reading here.