Numbertank | Hashtag Contest 2018


  • 1After the grand success of ‘Ganesh Darshan 2018’ and ‘Navratri’ contests, the Numbertank team on great public demand is back with another exciting one - #Hashtag 2018 Contest giving you a daily chance to win two Amazon shopping vouchers worth ₹1000. And all you have to do for winning the prize is talk. That’s right! Follow up with the daily hashtags provided by the team of Numbertank in the ‘Talk’ window of the app and send a photo resembling those hashtags.
  • 2Any two lucky users with the most creative posts selected by Numbertank team through a lucky draw will be declared respective winners of the day. No fuss to achieve maximum likes because this time, it all depends on the user’s creativity with the post. The ‘Talk’ section is a universally open window for all Numbertank users, and hence there will be no need of getting your posts approved as well.
  • 3So put on your creative hat! The contest begins on 04th November 2018 at 12 AM and will keep on running until an official end date is announced. Want an additional hint form our side to win the prizes? Generate maximum talks for your post and increase your chances to win. Let’s see if you can crack this ;-)

To Participate

  • 1Download Numbertank app.
  • 2Submit posts resembling the required hashtag in the ‘Talk’ section of the app. Make sure to maintain the ethical standards with your posts.
  • 3Your posts will get posted directly with no interferences.
  • 4The posts submitted can consist of photos, videos, textual quotes, and the likes and should be relevant to the daily hashtags.
  • 5Generate talks about your posts to come into the spotlight for winner’s position.
  • 6Any two lucky users selected by the team of Numbertank through a lucky draw will win an Amazon voucher worth ₹500 each daily. Moreover, the decision of selecting the winners solely lies with the team of Numbertank.
  • 7The evaluation of winners will be done for a time cycle of 12 AM to 11:59 PM for all contest days.
  • 8Winners will be declared after 2 working days of daily contest rounds.
  • 9Claim your prize by mailing us at

Rules Content

  • 1Every ethical post uploaded and resembling the required hashtag will be eligible for the contest.
  • 2The users will be solely responsible for the photos uploaded respectively. Also, the photos should be clicked anew on the respective dates.
  • 3The posts received only between the time cycle of 12 AM to 11:59 PM on the respective day will be eligible for the contest.
  • 4Winners will be declared through lucky draw. The posts received in a particular time cycle of 12 AM to 11:59 PM will not be considered for the next or the previous one.
  • 5If a user wins an Amazon voucher once, there will be no restriction for him/her to participate in the next consecutive time cycle. He/she can participate every day.
  • 6Winners should claim their prizes compulsorily within 24 hours by emailing us at
  • 7The winners will be mailed the respective vouchers right after the declaration within 2 working days.
  • 8Any complaint regarding the contest will only be considered within 24 hours after declaring winners.
  • 9If a user participates in this contest, he/she gets abide by the rules mentioned above by default. All rights of this contest are reserved by the team of Numbertank.
  • 10The terms and conditions of Amazon are applied to the vouchers gifted to the winners.


  • What is the validity of ‘Hashtag 2018’ contest?

    A:- Hashtag 2018 contest will start on 04th November 2018 at 12 AM. There is currently no end date for the contest. The contest will keep on running until an end date is announced for the same.

  • How do I contribute my posts in Talk?

    A:- Just tap on the ‘Talk’ icon in the Numbertank app. Click on the ‘+’ (plus) sign and add any kind of multimedia post relevant to the assigned hashtag of the day.

  • Can I post more than once?

    A:- Yes, definitely. More than one posts will be allowed considering the fact that they are unique.

  • Any helpful tips to increase the chances of winning?

    A:- First, never miss to include the required hashtag in the post. Second, be as creative as possible with your post in an ethical way. And third, put in your efforts by making use of unique multimedia forms like photos, videos, textual posts that you feel will highly make a connection with the assigned hashtag of the day.

  • Is the contest based on an individual level?

    A:- Yes. This contest is based on an individual user level. Register with Numbertank, contribute posts with relevant hashtags and stand a chance to win the prize every day. The user will be responsible for all of his/her activities.

  • Till when can I contribute my posts?

    A:- You can contribute your posts daily from the midnight of 04th November, 2018 until the official end date is announced for the contest. The time cycle for posts will be from 12 AM to 11:59 PM every day.

  • What are the winning parameters set for the contest?

    A:- There are no fixed parameters set for the contest. Any two lucky users will be announced as winners by the team of Numbertank through a lucky draw, after 2 working days of a particular time cycle.

  • How to claim the winning prize?

    A:- Just contact our support team via email on with your registered email address in the Numbertank application within 24 hours of the winners’ announcement. Once we have received your acknowledgement of the prize, your voucher will be emailed to you after 2 working days.

  • If I have an issue with winner’s post, how can I raise a copyright issue?

    A:- If you think your post had been used without your authority or permission, please contact our support team via email on within 24 hours of the posting. The Numbertank team will immediately respond to the issue with necessary actions.