Numbertank | About Us

The Story And Purpose of Numbertank As A Social Messenger

Numbertank is an advanced social messenger with chic design developed by Shantai Technologies Limited. Numbertank beats the conventional chat apps with its extraordinary add-ons like channels, scheduling of messages, events, polls and secret chat.

Numbertank saw its emergence as a free calling application in the year of 2009. Having realized the true potential for online chat market and keeping in check with the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) rules and regulations, Numbertank then took re-birth as a free alternative to SMS. Numbertank is targeted to the worldwide users. To which, the app has received a mind-boggling response of 100,000+ downloads! Basically, people love the sober and user-friendly design as well as the exclusive characteristics and commitments of this chat application.

Our Mission

The sole purpose of Numbertank is to cater its users with a simple and free app that enables them to communicate effortlessly from any part of the world.

Our Team

The success of Numbertank in the local markets has been made possible due to the tireless endeavours of our dedicated team - the digital marketing experts, the client relationship managers, the Android and iOS wizards and innovative designers. All these guys want is hot ‘chai’, in return for their brilliant minds. Throw in a ‘pizza’ and they will show you one of the best solutions to make the app work within the toughest criteria applied for an amazing user experience.